2 meter skeleton slot antenna

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Efficient 2M Antenna Disguised in a Satellite Dish

Apr 5, 2012 ... For Sale: 10 GHz slotted waveguide antennas $55 kit, $80 ... $15; 16 element 2 meter skeleton slot antenna, $10; 8 ft solid aluminum dish,. Zelfbouw Quad-antennes - pi4zut -HF Skeleton Slot, een antenne systeem met een verschil. -Een 50 Ohm klerenhanger rechthoekige antenne voor 2 meter ... -Mystery antenna 80-6 meter. J BEAM 1945 - 1975 - G4HFQ

Here is a close up of the 2metre driven element, which is the actual skeleton slot. It is (a little less than) 5/8 wavelength in the direction perpendicular to the radiation polarization, and about 0.2 wavelength for the driven element part of each yagi. This sets the spacing between the two yagis at 5/8 wavelength too.

Slot antenna for 2 meter mobile - Stack Exchange My primary vehicle is a Smart car, with a roof that's a piece of plastic(100% moon roof). Not the most awesome of cars to use for grounds. I'm building a bumper mounted antenna tower, EMT with some square tube. Earlier today I stumbled across an article on 2 meter slot antennas cut in to satellite dishes.

Folded Skeleton Sleeve Antennas – high on solder

THE HENTENNA RE-VISITED - Ham Universe Total performance is equivalent to 2-3 element Yagi-uda antenna, .... I have done this with the 2m skeleton slot on 2m beams like Cushcraft 11 ele. beams. An HF Skeleton slot antenna by Don Wilks, G3VCG A description of an HF skeleton slot antenna designed by Don Wilks, G3VCG. ... that the antenna should perform well on all bands from 30 meters to 10 meters. Practical VHF/UHF Antennas In their simplest form, dipole antennas for 2m and 70cm can ..... showing voltage polar diagram and gain against VSWR of Yagi and skeleton-slot antennas.

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