How to slot strut tower

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R 4. Remove the spot welds. Do not damage the parts attached to the strut tower and apron assembly which are not to be replaced. R 5. Remove the damaged strut tower and apron assembly. Do not discard any labels until replacements are obtained. R 6. Remove any burrs or spot weld nuggets from the mating surfaces. Avoid removing any zinc coating. R 7. Strut SHSLOTST Unistrut Shallow Slotted 1-5/8" P4100T10PG Strut SHSLOTST Unistrut Shallow Slotted 1-5/8" P4100T10PG Powerstrut 10' Piece Unistrut P4100T10PG Shallow Slotted 1-5/8" Powerstrut Unistrut 10' length 1-5/8" x 13/16" (WxH) 14 gauge metal frame channel with slots. Can we talk about caster?-Page 2| Grassroots Motorsports forum Slotting strut tower for more caster on a track only car a reasonable thing to do? Reasonable as in no downsides? Sure. But unless you convert to a coilover and different 'top hat' there usually isn't much space to slot a stock strut inward before part of it starts contacting the strut tower.

No matter what car you drive, there are a number of suspension braces available to supposedly improve handling. People shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars on strut bars, under body braces, suspension member braces, fender braces, and frankly braces that attach to just about anything that has a bolt in it.

subaru - Does a strut tower bar have any useful effect on ... Aftermarket strut tower bars are generally considered to be decorative on many brand new cars. However, it seems to be a bit more logical that a chassis with 100K ... Strut Tower Repair Panels - Free Shipping on Orders Over ... Find Strut Tower Repair Panels and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!

This is how you "straighten" a strut. : Justrolledintotheshop

94-04 Mustang Caster Camber Plate Installation Guide - QA1 Carefully lower the jack to bring the strut shaft down through the strut tower center ... the bottom plate bolts move freely in the adjusting slots of the strut tower. 240Z, 260Z and 280Z Cut and Bolt in Camber Plates | Techno Toy ... Designed with the same profile as the factory upper strut top, you simply trim a slot for the gold block in the factory strut top and drill 2 holes to bolt these below or on top of the strut tower, shock clearance allowing. The bearings on these are  ...

It was a generic ovular shaft, female thread. Had a "bolt" and nut to tighten it with a perpendicular vertical hole on the other side. A bracket bolted to that via another bolt and nut then to the strut tower. ***I was referring to a cheap ebay bar, not courtesy parts if that clarifies the discrepancy***

BMR Camber Bolts - American Muscle Ford Performance GT500 Style Strut Mount Upgrade (05-14 All) .... FP Caster\ Camber Eccentric Bolt Kit as you'd have to burr\slot the strut holes anyway to use the FP camber eccentric bolts AND you get the CASTER side ... Strut Tower Braces How to install Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates on your ... Using the Ford top plate as a template, rotate it 180O from the stock position, aligning the holes with the inner edge of the factory slots in the strut tower. Is there an E39 "crash slot"? Why do we have a factory strut mount ... Maybe if the E39's strut towers had slotted mounting holes like the E46. But since E39s don't, it is not necessary to punch out the pins ... 1982-92 Camaro, Firebird JRI Front Strut Kit.pdf - Detroit Speed